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Dubai based Company

Eireann Services DMCC is a Dubai based Company which supports small to medium-sized enterprises to enter the Middle East market by establishing a distributor network and promoting their products and services within the Middle East Region.

local knowledge and experience

Most small to medium sized businesses cannot afford the expatriate costs of full-time staff and do not have local knowledge or experience, which makes it very difficult for them to be successful in the Region.

Eireann Services DMCC has a partner network with experienced and professional people with specific local market knowledge and are well established within the GCC Region. This enables Eireann Services to efficiently and accurately identify the most suitable route to market for each client.

Eireann Services DMCC currently represents several International companies from USA and Sweden within the Healthcare sectors.

Eireann Services will support with Management Consultancy, Public Relations and Events Management activities to help companies develop their product portfolio in the UAE and also within the Middle East Region.